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Icelandic Garden Photographs, 2011


The Icelandic Garden photographs explore the garden as a private setting. I am interested in the way the garden becomes a space for growth, renewal and transformation. I have memories from childhood of going outside into the garden by myself early in the morning. The series of photographs are composed of ceramic pieces situated in the Icelandic landscape. I worked on these pieces while I was an artist in residence at the Icelandic Association of Visual Artists. The sculptures are fantastical biomorphic objects in an otherworldly landscape. The forms are alone and peaceful and become a stand-in for a figure or for myself.


The ceramic sculptures were inspired by the culture, weather and landscape of Iceland. There is a strong tradition of myths and fairytales about elves and the lava fields where I photographed my work. The opportunity to participate in the residency and be immersed in Iceland influenced my ceramics.

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