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My sculptures are fantasy objects that explore cultural stereotypes about beauty, desire and femininity. The forms have reference to the female body and also other associations to sweets, fruit and flowers. I both participate in traditional roles and re-imagine them to create new roles. The forms present ideas of temptation and beauty. Many of my sculptures incorporate the shape of a breast or a nipple, which doubles as ice cream or candy and can be equated to the bud. The shape functions to be beautiful, desirable and immediately recognizable as feminine. They are intended to draw a viewer to get closer to the forms and look as though they could be squeezed or licked.


The intertwining of sculptures and voices is important in my expression of femininity; therefore some of the work incorporates sound. The voices tell stories that give another level of understanding about the work. Often the negotiation of listening becomes a form of intimacy, which is important in defining the power of the work.


My sculptures are forms that flow, bubble, grow, explode, drip and ooze. Some of the pieces reference the form of teardrops or fluid. These pieces explore blood being squeezed from a wound or milk from a breast. Also, they relate to the idea of growth, multiplication and expansion.


Ultimately, with my work, my goal is to open up the definitions and terms by which we define ourselves and create a fantasy about what is possible. By using familiar associations, I hope to create sculptures that have a universal meaning. While I start with my own memories as a point of inspiration, I am striving to create many openings for viewers.

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