Drip, Drop, Dribble
Billowing Drops
Billowing Drops
Billowing Drops
Oozing Drops
The Dribble Portraits

Drip, Drop, Dribble, 2014


The sculptures are abstract, organic forms, which represent processes of the body. I was thinking about forms that flow, bubble, grow, explode, drip and ooze. Some of the pieces reference the form of teardrops or fluid. I am interested in the ways in which fluid flows from the body. These pieces explore blood being squeezed from a wound or milk from a breast. Also, the pieces relate to the idea of growth, multiplication and expansion.


Drip, Drop, Dribble was a solo show at The Fine Arts Center Gallery at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL. 

© 2019 Nikki Renee Anderson

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